Organisation on the move

CabGuard Pro or also known as CGP for short is a genius concept that we have created to make life a whole lot easier for working motorist everywhere including, Taxi Drivers, Delivery drivers and Cab Drivers. If this is you, and you don’t already have CabGuard Pro+ installed, install here now.

CabGuard Pro+ is designed to help you with all the little things that you may need in order to help your day go smooth. A mobile App that can not only help you out when you may be in trouble, but an App that can be very useful if your also Self employed and need information at your finger tips. Personal safety is becoming increasingly important in recent times, so we have included your own Personal Panic button and a host of other useful Services Free. Even if you manage to have time on your hands, you can have a little read and catch up with up to date News, Videos and various other Informative Articles we provide.

CabGuard Pro+ also supports and helps a niche of reputable small and local businesses in all areas, attain visibility and custom by linking them intelligently to local and real time Motorist. We always encourage local Businesses that join our Network, to offer the best or lowest rates to all our Users where possible. This allows us to create a trusting and caring network that will continue to grow allowing both parties to prosper in confidence.

So if you own a reputable Motor related Business and would like to list it with us, Join now for more details. If you are a working driver, download your FREE copy Today and give us a try.

-Cabguard Pro+

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